Where 1 - Table notes: Village Vision Housing workshop May 21

  • 1 residential per / commercial allowance is not feasible for developers
  • Residential / commercial safer more economically viable
  • Community space & housing located in Lockinvar Triangle in a community owned space with parking pockets (parallel parking with bumpouts- for ease of pedestrian crossing & narrowing the street) around the triangle 
  • Any zoning needs to be illustrated for possibilities, as words only are not complete. Examples of illustrated zoning from planners Duaney PlaterZyberk ( http://www.dpz.com/Initiatives/AgrarianUrbanism)
  • Perhaps a land trust/strata rental housing mix.
  • Could the commons focus on rental property? it is zoned ALR
  • Builders could incorporate suites in SFR to accommodate affordability in the village area and beyond.
  • What is the status of mobile home parks in the ocp?

Where 2 - Table notes: Village Vision Housing workshop May 21


  • Institutional 
  • Commercial is zoned less than 1 acre
  • Commercial zoned folklife village
  • Why not more residential in the New Madrona?
  • Lockinvar Triangle Commercial on both sides of the street - street calming, housing
  • do we need more commercial?

Short term

·       Performing Arts should be in the Village not outside.

·       Sports and arts in the village - (community centre?)

Long term visioning beyond the Triangle

·       We need a long term vision for 50 years and a bigger circle

  • RDN, Land Trust, Municipally owned land