May 23.2015
“How” discussion table notes
Notetaker: Megan Walker

Discussion questions:
How should increased housing in the village core be achieved? E.g., add new densities; transfer densities from more rural parts of the island; transfer accessory cottage densities from other parts of the island; other…
How should housing be developed? E.g., existing non-profit housing society; form a cooperative; private developer / market riven; community-owned development corporation, community land trust, or similar vehicle; developer/non-profit partnership or public/private partnership.
How can the existing or potential barriers to any desired future housing patterns be overcome? E.g., bylaws, water and septic infrastructure, others?

  •  Rezone Folklife Village Phase 2 or whole thing.
  •  RDN should purchase Lochinvar Triangle.
  •  Rezone the Emcon property to include denser housing.
  •  There is a bigger need for housing for families, not seniors or special needs.
  •  One time creation of density for creation of “attainable” housing for families.
  •  Donations of density in exchange for charitable receipt, especially for properties that are challenging / expensive to develop.
  •  Process: community raises funds, RDN purchases land, and a housing society develops.
  •  Housing for single, working, low-income service jobs.
  •  Boarding houses for up to 5 people as currently allowed is not an economical model.
  •  Density does not necessarily need to be in the core, as long as it is on a transit route.
  •  There is a community paradigm shift to support of density in the core.
  • Adding new densities is the least complicated method. Other methods have barriers, and mixed values. Plus those that might get added to the density bank.
  •  We need the Leadership piece from Matt’s model. Recruit a board for the existing society.
  •  Use modern technologies to overcome technical barriers. Look to the Living Building Challenge. But do not set goal so high that it can’t be achieved.
  •  The Who: public / private partnership with the RDN.
  •  Allow duplexes – if fits within the eco-footprint / carrying capacity of the site.
  •  Need charitable organization. To receive donations. Could be the Lions, PHC, or the Commons. Which could loan the money to the housing society. Needs highly transparent accounting.
  • RDN should buy the Lochinvar Triangle. With a vision the whole community can support. Community fundraising for the small “a” affordable housing and amenities. Develop through a public / private developer / housing society partnership