Village Vision held the first meeting and workshop on September 27th, 2014.  Over 60 Gabriolans attended the meeting and the discussion, idea sharing and open communication for the future of our village core area was inspiring. 

The first part of the meeting involved everyone together and the 2nd half saw the attendees and facilitators break into groups.  Both the summary from the group discussion and the raw/unedited notes from each table discussion are attached to this blog post.

There are definitely reoccurring themes from each table, that provides some insight into what the community may be looking for. Synthesized notes of the meeting are to follow this post shortly.

The committee is thankful for the number of participants that came to share their voice and ideas for the future of the village core area. We are looking forward to our 2nd workshop in January of 2015.

A complete set of notes from the first meeting is avail be to view here:

Group Discussion/Meeting Summary

Table Discussions